inmedio Berlin

The institute
Inmedio is a consulting institute for mediation, process and conflict consulting and intercultural work and development based in Berlin (and Frankfurt-Main).

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We offer…

  • Mediation and conflict consultation for firms, non-profit organisations, teams and groups, 
    often also in connection with team development.

We do consulting for you…

  • in the process of organisation development, especially during the implementation phase 
    of conflict management systems and internal mediation within your organisation.

We are involved in and committed to…

  • establishing and supporting community mediation programmes and the dissemination 
    of conflict transformation in post-war countries and crisis areas.

We train mediators…

  • in various locations in Germany and Switzerland, and also offer leadership training and in-house seminars..

Inmedio is a member of the Federal Association of Mediation (Bundesverband Mediation—BM)


Intercultural and International Work

In a globalised world there is an increase in conflict situations in which cultural affiliation plays a role, be this professional cultures, nationalities, ethnic groups, religions or value systems.

Often the cultural differences are not actually the cause of conflicts. Rather they influence the conflict process and the intensity with which it is carried out, and thus they must be taken into consideration throughout.

In our work we encounter the subject of “intercultural”

  • at the domestic level in conflicts between representatives from the societal majority and people with an immigration background
  • in businesses that are active internationally or in the case of joint-ventures between businesses from different countries
  • in ethno-political conflicts in crisis areas and post-war countries
  • in the context of development collaboration and humanitarian aid
  • when working with refugees domestically and abroad