Committee For Social Justice

The Committee for Social Justice (CSJ) was established in 2007 in Lamjung district (Nepal) to advance conflict victims’ right to truth and justice.

Later, CSJ extended its network throughout the western region of Nepal and other regions, through connecting associations of families of the disappeared families. Ultimately various family associations were brought together in a National Network of Families of Disappeared and Missing (NEFAD), a campaign group of families of those disappeared in Nepal’s conflict. CSJ was formally registered in 2010 and active across Nepal to advocate on transitional justice process in Nepal through grass-roots mobilisation and policy debate. Fields of activities include research, campaigning and mobilisation, documentation and memory work and advocacy to address the needs of victims of the conflict and enable them to claim their rights. Both CSJ and NEFAD remain independent of any political party or other organisation, seeking to be organisation of and for victims. Target groups are conflict victims, including the families of the disappeared, and conflict affected youth and children. CSJ has been active since its formation in 2007, producing many volunteers and sustaining itself through volunteer support, partnership and donation. It is run by a central committee, national secretariat, associated groups and focal persons in district and regional levels, all coming from the community of victims in Nepal.

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